Swimming Pool Heating




Gas Swimming Pool Heaters

Gas-fred pool heaters remain the most popular system for heating swimming pools. Gas pool heaters use natural gas. As the pump circulates the pool’s water, the water drawn from the pool passes through a flter and then to the heater. The gas boiler generates hot water that circulates in a closed loop where it transfers the heat to the pool water. Unlike heat pump and solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters can maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather or climate.


Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

You can signifcantly reduce swimming pool heating costs by installing a solar pool heater. They’re cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, and they have very low annual operating costs. Solar pool heating is the most cost efective use of solar energy in many climates.

Most Solar Pool Heating Systems Include The Following

  • A solar collector — the device through which pool water is circulated to be heated by the sun.
  • A filter — removes debris before water is pumped through the collector.
  • A pump — circulates water through the filter and collector and back to the pool.
  • A flow control valve — automatic or manual device that diverts pool water through the solar collector.
  • Pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collector(s), where it is heated before it returns to the pool.