Solar Water Heating

Heliodyne Thermosphyon Solar Systems


Prism Solutions is an authorized distributor of the most established solar water heating company in the USA, Heliodyne. A true specialist in the solar industry and a leading supplier of quality solar heating systems.
The Heliodyne thermosyphon open loop system is cost effective
and is designed for warm and tropical area. This system operates based on the principle of natural convection and requires no moving parts or active control.
100% Therefore, the open loop thermosyphon system needs very little maintenance and is easy to install. The storage tank is enameled and equipped with a sacrifcial anode, providing enhanced protection to the tank, and an optional electrical heating element. All collectors and storage tanks are factory tested to ensure they are leak free. The Heliodyne series are suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Highlights of Heliodyne Thermosyphon Systems

  • Simple and reliable design.


  • Equipped with heavily insulated tanks to conserve heat.


  • Solar absorber is made of Aluminum plates treated with a highly selective coating, which is laser welded to the solar pipes.


  • Solar collectors are thermally insulated with mineral wool, thus resistant to high temperatures that may occur inside the collector.


  • Safe, durable and weather resistant Aluminum base and  Capacity: 200 – 300 liters.

Pleion Integrated Collector Storage

Prism Solutions brings you the latest in Solar water heating, our new ICS (integrated Collector Storage) from PLEION, one of the fnest brands in the world, manufactured in Italy.
The new All-in-One natural circulation solar system, in one box with a front collector panel that utilizes ultra-strong material, produces domestic hot water using solar power up to temperatures just below boiling.
The system encompasses a collector that is seamlessly integrated into the tank.
Depending on the capacity (ranging from 105 and up to 245 liters), the storage tank consists of a certain number of pipes where the water is heated and stored.

Features of Pleion (ICS)

  • Built to the highest quality Italian manufacturing standards.
  • Innovative concept and revolutionary design.
  • All-in-one system makes it very simple and reliable.
  • Corrosion resistant (no sacrifcial rod requirement).
  • High performance , Capacity up to 245 liters , Up to 7 years warranty , Light weight – easy handling and Flat or pitched roof mounting.